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Doleris Company partners with MyFlights to deliver the ultimate travel experience

by 12th Mar 2018Press Releases

California-based Doleris Company offers an enhanced customer experience thanks to MyFlights Travel Agent

London, UK, 12th March 2018: In an industry as competitive as travel, customers are overwhelmed by choice when it comes spending their travel budget. It’s not enough to offer a cost effective flight package; travellers want a personalised and attentive service.

To deliver this vision, Doleris Company has partnered with MyFlights to ensure their customers are always in the know about their travel, from the point of booking their trip to the moment they arrive at their final destination.

By adopting the MyFlights Travel Agent solution, Doleris Company can now monitor its customers’ bookings for changes. This includes changes to which flights they’ll be travelling on, the cabin, reserved seats, aircraft type, which frequent flyer number is assigned, and many other key preferences personal to each traveller.

To ensure this information is accurate, MyFlights directly monitors the PNR itself, and when booking changes are detected, MyFlights alerts the travel agent so they can take any necessary action. The traveller is also notified of changes by MyFlights via travel agent branded communications ensuring a seamless customer experience.

The MyFlights Travel Agent solution also allows travel agents to offer a branded app to their customers, giving travellers access to their bookings on the go, and saving the significant expense of bespoke app development and maintenance.

The MyFlights Travel Agent solution is built on the proven MyFlights engine used and trusted by 50,000 travellers over the last decade.

Donatas Galentas, President of Doleris Company said: “MyFlights Travel Agent is the solution I’ve always been looking for. It enables me to track my clients’ bookings for changes, and in turn has helped my business grow the respect and trust of my customers. MyFlights Travel Agent also means no more manually looking through bookings for changes, it does it all for you.”

Chris Schofield, Founder and CEO of MyFlights said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Doleris Company and to see their customers benefitting from the MyFlights Travel Agent booking monitoring. We want to end those nasty travel surprises, such as when you arrive at the airport to discover the comfortable front row seat you’d booked is now a middle seat with reduced leg room. MyFlights Travel Agent ensures the travel agent is always one step ahead and their customers are travelling in the know.”

Chris Schofield
CEO & Founder, MyFlights

Donatas Galentas
President, Doleris Company